• Glen Sauve

    Glen Sauve

    d’OldGeek, 78yr. old sharing the journey back to Geekdom.

  • Florin Gheorghisor

    Florin Gheorghisor

    Interested in programming for masses, ontologies, Cognitive Systems Capturing the Evolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial Consciousness (AC)

  • Malith Sandeeptha

    Malith Sandeeptha

    Electrical and Telecommunication Engineer | Trader | Cryptocurrency Enthusiast | online Entrepreneur | Community Manager

  • Nuwan I. Senaratna

    Nuwan I. Senaratna

    I am a Computer Scientist and Musician by training. A writer with interests in Philosophy, Economics, Technology, Politics, Business, the Arts and Fiction.

  • Darshana Senavirathna

    Darshana Senavirathna

    I write about pretty much everything!

  • Madhushika Delgolla

    Madhushika Delgolla

  • Nadeesha Madhushan

    Nadeesha Madhushan

  • Clement Fernando

    Clement Fernando

    find me anywhere as @mrclemrkz

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